plastic palm trees

Tate McRae – plastic palm trees Lyrics [Verse 1] Used to drive around in your Wrangler in a deadbeat town In the parking lot, we would talk about all the drama Had nothin’ better to do Now I go out with my new friends to a party downtown In a new dress ’til the liquor […]

want that too

Tate McRae – want that too Lyrics [Verse 1] I was blindsided, couldn’t see it comin’ Too young to be treated like that (Like that) You were on somethin’ Cut me down to nothin’, now your knife’s still stuck in my back (My back) [Pre-Chorus] Keep sayin’ one day I’ll regret it But I don’t […]

guilty conscience

Tate McRae – guilty conscience Lyrics [Chorus] Guess I’ll live, live, live, live, live with a guilty conscience Live, live, live, live, live with a guilty conscience [Verse 1] Lotta messed up nights, lotta letdowns Lotta dumb words, bet you regret now Lotta « I’m just seein’ the best in you ’cause I want to » Yeah, […]

think later

Tate McRae – think later Lyrics [Chorus] Live now, think later, I do it so well Live now, think later, I do it so well Fall hard, heart breaker, I want him, oh, well Live now, think later, I do it so well (Woo) [Verse 1] Met you in a night out in Boston (Ooh) […]


Tate McRae – messier Lyrics [Verse 1] Tell me, tell me somethin’ that I don’t know already ‘Cause, baby, you can talk in circles for hours Make a good day sour Then you look at me, look at me, straight into my eyes Say that you’re sorry How could I not believe in you? You […]


Tate McRae – calgary Lyrics [Intro] Yeah, mm [Verse 1] Same bar, same street I’m twenty but I still feel like fifteen (Uh-uh) Same fears, same dreams Still tryna get my brother to like me (Mmm) You said that I always seem to land on my feet But I got problems hangin’ like a chain […]

we’re not alike

Tate McRae – we’re not alike Lyrics [Verse 1] I got a lack of good judgment Judgin’ by the fact I got close to you (Oh, no) Time should heal but it doesn’t Maybe ’cause you still haven’t told the truth (Oh, no) [Pre-Chorus] You know there’s nothin’ worse Than missin’ the signs ‘Cause you […]

stay done

Tate McRae – stay done Lyrics [Intro] Uh-huh Mmm [Verse 1] Hate that I’m always gonna have a side to me That’s still in awe when you’re mad at me You can’t do it wrong in my eyes I hate it that you gotta break somethin’ To realize we’re at rock-bottom But kill me again […]


Tate McRae – grave Lyrics [Verse 1] One chance, two chances of three Think I got too much sympathy, yeah I hold my grudges like I held you How does me tryin’ to fix it Turn into « I’ll just forgive it »? One chance, two chances were lost on you (Uh) [Pre-Chorus] You can only dig […]

hurt my feelings

Tate McRae – hurt my feelings Lyrics [Intro] She wears your number, but I got what you like She’s got you right now, but I’m still on your mind [Verse 1] I should’ve known better You should’ve known better than me Nights staying up talking Told me everything except where was she Now I’ve got […]