Abomunist manifesto Lyrics - R.A.P. Ferreira — Paroles de Chansons


“Abomunist Manifesto”
The “Abomunist Manifesto”, Bob Kaufman
The “Abomunist Manifesto”
Bomkauffer, the cough bomber
From a— from the cough bomber to Bomkauf, word
Abomunists join nothing but their hands or legs, or other same
Abomunists spit anti-poetry for poetic reasons and frink
Abomunists do not look at pictures painted by presidents and unemployed prime ministers
In times of national peril, abomunists, as reality Americans, stand ready to drink themselves to death for their country
Abomunists do not feel pain, no matter how much it hurts
Abomunists do not use the word square except when talking to squares
Abomunists read newspapers only to ascertain their abominubility
Abomunists never carry more than fifty dollars in debts on them
Abomunists do not write for money, they write the money itself
Abomunists believe only what they dream only after it comes true
Abomunist children must be reared abominubly
Abomunist poets, confident that the new literary form
Footprintism has freed the artist of outmoded restrictions, such as
The ability to read and write
The desire to communicate
Must be prepared to read their work at dental colleges
Embalming schools, homes for unwed mothers, homes for wed mothers
Insane asylums, sane asylums, USO canteens, kindergartens and county jails
Abomunists never compromise their rejectionary philosophy
Abomunism’s main function is to unite the soul with oatmeal cookies
Abomunists love love, hate hate, drink drinks, smoke smokes, live lives, die deaths
Abomunist writers write nothing, or they write in writing
Abomunist poetry, in order to be completely understood, should be eaten
Except on fast days, slow days, and mornings of executions
If abomunist could be a color, they’d be green itself
And they’d go around telling everyone to go
Uncrazy abomunists, crazy unabomunists, these proxy kicky tricks
You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout? Psychometric poets, two heads better than none
Selling middle names to impotent personnel managers
Giving children brightly-wrapped candy fathers
We’re on to you
We’re on to you
We’re on to you