Summer Walker – Agayu’s Revelation Lyrics

I noticed that in my relationships I have a tendency to make people crumble into like, dust
It’s like, really pathetic to watch, I say my relationships ’cause I don’t give my friendships and, um, like, my family relationships enough energy
Like, if you’re just bein’ ignorant I’ll just let you be ignorant and block you
But you know the dick do something a little different to you, it make you wanna try to help a nigga
Make you think you got superpowers and shit and can change a nigga, you cannot
But I used to think for a long time and that affected my self-esteem as well, like, that it was me
Like, that it was my fault and I’m like, « Oh, my God, what am I doing to these niggas? This is crazy, every single time »
But you know, then one of my spiritual guides came to me and I will never forget
Told me to stop workin’ with people who are made of glass if you are made of steel, and that shit hit me
I was like, « Oh, I was searchin’ for this answer for hella long »
Like, why would I think I’m crumblin’ people who were never strong in the first place?
They’re fragile, their egos are fragile, um
They’re not quite ready to face themselves, maybe now or never, so they crumble
The slightest rough patch that hits in life and then you gotta boss up and be strong and do what you gotta do, crumble
And then, you know, most people don’t like to think, um, I’m a thinker
So, now I done walked my ass in here with this introspection and it’s like, I’m a mirror and I’m, I’m makin’ you see yourself, um
And I’m presentin’ your strengths, your weaknesses, who you are deep inside, not you portray to be
Your priorities, what you value the most, what needs to be worked on and how we can work on it, solutions
Dun, dun, dun, niggas is scared of solutions
But, um, ’cause we got to have balance, you know?
Niggas be like, « Whoa, whoa, whoa, bitch, I wasn’t ready to do all that »
I guess they thought ’cause I had face tats and usually niggas meet me in a real ratchet ass environment doin’ some ratchet ass shit
I might’ve fucked you on the first night, we might have had or been smokin’ and drinkin’ and carryin’ on and doin’ whatever else
But at the end of all the ghetto shit, we’re going to evolve mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, um, emotionally and we are going to have balance
‘Cause that is the only way to maintain longevity and a healthy relationship, can’t stay stagnant, uh, for too long
And what always ends up happenin’ is I get the same answer literally every time, « Bitch, you think you perfect? »
And, um, I just keep workin’ on myself and keep evolving
And you know, one monkey don’t stop the show, so I end up doing everything that I was tryin’ to get them to do for myself
And every time I come out of a relationship, I come out smarter (Check)
I come out healthier (Check), happier (Check), richer (Check), finer (Check), thicker (Check)
You know, shit that I was doin’ in the beginning of the relationship that was toxic will come to a complete halt and I just be goin’ up, up and up
Up, up and away, away from that bullshit