[Verse 1]
Held at the start, I’m far away
Tracing the lines never seen
I don’t know how long the clouds were above you
Waiting for day to come ’round again
Far beneath was a mind wide open
The sun was caught, but held by a thread

Chasing the sound, I was late to the demo
Five thousand all calling out
And so I stole what mattered
And carried you away from the crowd

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 2]
Leave doubt behind, you’ve more to say
There’s light only you can see
I know that sometimes it’s the hurt that saves us
Waiting so long to be laid to rest
But brightness survives in suns collided
And all we’ve lost returns in the end

God shut his eyes away, but life went on living
In all that is left for us now
Don’t stop believing it matters
Some things won’t ever be found

[Instrumental Break]

Ages aligned and fell into rhythm
Our paths had to cross here somehow
I’m lost in all that matters
You remain, calling on out