Freedom is not free
I wanna know why Officer Darren Wilson didn’t go to jail for killing our brother Michael Brown, I wanted to know why
I wanted to know why George Zimmerman didn’t go to jail for killing Trayvon, I wanted to know why
And the reason is because America is at war with the black man
You do not go to jail for carrying out your responsibilities to your state
That’s why no police will ever go to jail for killing a black man
Because war has been declared on the black man
It’s the black man who simply weren’t accepted

[Verse 1: Ché Noir]
Look, the art of war, it’s a meaning behind the message
You don’t need a gun or sword if you treat your mind as the weapon
Our colors is hidden, it’s secrets teachers hide in they lessons
History books was full of people with white complexions
Reach the heights your destined, nigga, we define our essence, uh
Took my rap money, made a team from our investments
Get my family out the hood, the only reason why I’m stressin’
Small city but niggas carry heat the size of Precious
Look, I speak on shit you other rap niggas nervous to say
The purchase I pay, more than most niggas earn at my age
My purpose was made, from my birth, was determined for grade
The land of the free unless you black or you served in a cage
For my niggas behind the wall tryna learn or betray
You get free and they make it hard just to earn up a wage
You either return to the cage or get murdered in graves
That’s the power, how racist judges could turn us to slaves

We celebrate one hundred and fifty years of freedom, did y’all know that?
Since 2015, one hundred, fifty years, what do we got black folks?
Where’s our airplanes? What do we got?
Where’s our supermarkets? What do we got?
Where’s our schools? What do we got?
Where’s our banks? What do we got?
A hundred and fifty years of freedom, whatever

[Verse 2: Ché Noir]
Yo, compared to the wise ’cause went to war with just my ears and my eyes
The greatest victories come to those who prepare when it’s time
Inspired by mum and seeing mommy with tears in her eyes
Smokin’ cigarettes while she playin’ out Mary J. Blige
Racist cops shoot at our kings, they even got a noose if you free
One shot could turn your blood to a pool when you bleed
Poison our mind, even poison the food that we eat
Choke us out in broad day ’til we can’t move or can’t breathe
I’m the female Mansa Musa to niggas
Generational wealth without playin’ a due for my niggas
I’m the palm reader, look how I hand of future the niggas
Was music to my ears so I hand a flute to my niggas
All praise is due to the highest as God protect me
I give you food for thought but my diet was Dr. Sebi
Kings killing kings, won’t get to be lead, let it be violent
What’s worse than being physically dead is mentally dyding

America has the highest incarceration rate on the planet
And most men, black men in jail, are in jail for non-violent, drug-related offences
In other words, he was sellin’ crack and heroin on the street
Because he couldn’t find a decent job through which he could earn enough to take care of his family
So who is responsible when the black male is miseducated, economically castrated, comes out of jail, cannot find any opportunity to set his life for right?
Can’t get welfare, can’t get healthcare, can’t get public housing, can’t get student loans
So he breaks the law again and goes back, we look at him, how about the system? Freedom is not free