I really can’t stay (Baby, it’s cold outside)
I’ve gotta go away (I can call you a ride)
This evening has been (So glad that you dropped in)
So very nice (Time spent with you is paradise)

My mother will start to worry (I’ll call a car and tell ’em to hurry)
My daddy will be pacing the floor (Wait, what do you still live at home for?)
So, really, I’d better scurry (Your driver, his name is Murray)
Well, maybe just a half a drink more (Ah, we’re both adults, so who’s keeping score?)

What will my friends think (I think they should rejoice)
If I have one more drink? (It’s your body and your choice)
Ooh, you really know how (Your eyes are like starlight now)
To cast a spell (One look at you and then I fell)

I ought to say “No, no, no, sir” (Then you really ought to go, go, go)
At least I’m gonna say that I tried (Well, Murray, he just pulled up outside)
Oh I really can’t stay (I understand, baby)
Baby, it’s cold outside (It’s cold outside)

I simply should go (Text me when you get home)
Oh I’m s’posed to say no (Mmm I guess that’s respectable)
This welcome has been (I feel lucky that you dropped in)
So nice and warm (But you’d better go before it storms)

My sister will be suspicious (Well, gosh, your lips look delicious)
My brother will be there at the door (Oh he loves my music, baby, I’m sure)
My gossiping neighbor’s vicious (I’m a genie, tell me what your wish is)
Well, maybe just a cigarette more (Oh that’s something we should probably explore)

I’ve gotta get home (Oh baby, I’m well aware)
Say, lend me a coat (Ah, keep it, girl, I don’t care)
You’ve really been grand (I feel when you touch my hand)
But don’t you see? (I want you stay, it’s not up to me)

Ooh there’s bound to be talk tomorrow (Well, they can talk, but what do they know?)
At least there will be plenty implied (Oh let them mind there business and go)

Uh, mam, I really can’t stay

Murray, just go

It’s cold, baby (It’s cold, baby)
It’s cold, baby (It’s cold, baby)
Ooh, well, I don’t wanna go
It’s cold outside (It’s cold outside)