Ben Folds – Back to Anonymous Lyrics

[Verse 1]
These days
It doesn’t matter, I can let myself go
No disguise, just go for a stroll
It’s back to anonymous
But those years were
One big blur
I’m not sure where I have been
I dream the pieces back now and then

Is it cliche?
Does it sound so ungrateful
When it comes out that way?
If so, I only mean to say
Thank you for those crazy days
But it’s back to anonymous

[Verse 2]
Creepy and comfortable that they knew my name
It’s not at all what I thought that fame would be
It was just a small world
For a while
Is life better now?
Well, that depends on how I’m feeling about it
It’s not so much that I wanted out
I really didn’t have a say

But it’s a big world
With un-famous people who deserve
The grand applause
And they quietly carry on
I’d like to think that I could be that strong
Daydreaming on the bus, that’s all
Now it’s back to anonymous

[Instrumental Interlude]

[Verse 3]
The wife and I
Feeding the birds, in love
In comfortable clothes
The neighbors, they don’t wink like they know

But back when they’d say
Savor this moment
It’s your time
Seize the day
But I couldn’t stay awake
And I didn’t feel a thing
And she reminds me when I start to think
I might throw my hat back in the ring
But it’s time to be…