Born 2 Die Lyrics - Prince — Paroles de Chansons


[Intro: Prince]
Here she comes (Huh)
She’s a bad girl
One hit and she gets you high
Born to die, born to die
Born to die, born to die
Born to die, born to die

[Verse 1: Prince]
She sells everything, from A to Z
Anything just to keep her free from the
From the hustle of the streets, oh, oh
She left the church a long time ago
Said they couldn’t teach what they did not know (Nothing)
That’s when she lost her virginity
And now she’s pimpin’ every bottle (Bottle)
From New York to L.A. (L.A.)
Ask her why she do bad things
She says it’s always been that way (Always been that way)
Jump back, Jack, you might be next if they try to cut mama’s cake
(What the deal, Daddy?)
And ask her what the deal is, this is what she say

[Chorus: Prince]
Born to die, born to die
If you ain’t livin’ right, you know you’re
Born to die
Better watch out
Get ya, get ya so high, so high
You know everybody’s getting (So high)
I gotta get my hustle on

[Verse 2: Prince]
She wants six streets in Oakland
Clear down to the ‘Frisco Bay
Far as she concerned, crime does pay
Ask her when, she say from the first day
Watch you bend your knees to get back to the truth
Of who we are before we go astray (Before we go astray)
Ask her what the deal is (What the deal, daddy?)
This is what she’ll say

[Chorus: Prince]
Born to die, born to die
If you ain’t livin’ right, you’re sure to
Born to die
Look out
Get ya, get ya so high, so high
Say nothing good happens after midnight (Get ya, get ya)
(So high) Bye-bye

[Bridge: Prince, Elisa Fiorillo, Liv Warfield & Shelby J]
(Born to die)
(Get ya, get ya)
So, so high (So high)
So, so high (So)
So, so high (So)
Get ya, get ya (So high, so high)
Get ya, get ya (So high)
Get ya, get ya (So high, so high)

[Instrumental Break]

[Spoken Outro: Liv Warfield & Shelby J.]
Born to die
What happened?
Girl, she fell from the third story window
What? (Born to die)
Yes, oh, my God
But, oh my goodness, girl, look at her, oh no
They putting her on a gurney right now
I hope she’s all right
Well, does anybody know what’s happened? (Born to die)
Girl, girl, she fell
She fell