Chamomile Lyrics - Field Medic — Paroles de Chansons


Traded my creative whim
For a level head & a phantom limb
You know chamomile
Is sweeter when the sky is blushing too

Tell me have you ever thought of leaving your boys behind?
I’ve got no concept of a savior
There’s nothing I could do…

There’s something strange inside me
Digging holes with house keys
I’ve grown vulgar, vacant, & angry
So patient & passive
I thought that would make me wise

In my mind i’m a ballerina
Straight off of Degas brush
& when I fall I make a pretty pink mess
& in my lifе I’m just so angry
About all of everything I nevеr got
So when I fall i’m just the ugliest

Pale, but raging with darkness
Like twilight