YoungK that’s one bad beat, I’m going to nail it

You don’t stop bullets with good will
A protestor goes home with a damaged eye because he was bold enough to rebel
It’s as humiliating as taking a gob of spit in the face, or a bullet in the prick
Today you want to know if I’m surprised, yo who’re you asking?

The nation is sick, give it jab of chloroquine
A politician walks around completely naked in a room with two redheads
A descendant of scars, behind my back the physiotherapists are scared of me
The colonists giving lectures can go to hell

Life is cruel, death is worse
Quit whining and sighing
And you the West, leave Africa alone
Stop looting and extorting

Social media has got everyone under hypnosis
A whole generation intoxicated
It’s for the « likes » and dopamine
That she wears mini skirts in winter

I see their machinations, I see them doing the world from behind
Gurus pretend to be genuine
Fanatics expect to be delivered
I’m in the studio waiting for my Deliveroo
One more song and the album will be released
The boss of the record label got fired
An advance payment was made through my bank account

A member of the Fioul gang was found in the hood, for him it’s the beginning of a ride in hell
The Élysée receives big time dictators, the president’s really good at doing business
And how is it that money reveals the worst demons inside of man?
We could have achieved great things if you had just half of my hunger

Apparently, everyone’s going to be a star except me
All the better, the vampires won’t talk to me as much
They won’t ask how much I make in a month

We all woke up to shocking news one day
A child got molested by a monk
He won’t be taking the secret to Paradise
It doesn’t matter what the court says

Ancestral origins and religion insulted and ridiculed everyday in the news
Strangler, choker, and killer police officers will all end up in the flames
The racists see nothing but darkness, like the bad eyes of those suffering from cataract
The pilot wouldn’t take off because there were four Arabs onboard

What if they were to account for all that they monopolized?
They treated the wealthiest continent like a filthy whore
Appointing presidents like pawns so they maintain control of the colonies
Forget BFM, it’s a damn joke, we know what’s maintaining the economy
The nation is sick, give it a jab of chloroquine