Ayy, them boys better get out this street ’cause they know how we play it, check me, then I’m runnin’ him down (Runnin’ him down)
I don’t need a drop ’cause I know where he stay at from a lil’ bitch that was toppin’ him down (Yeah, yeah)
I got the juice like I’m Bishop, your bitch have the hiccups, I’m stabbing my dick in her mouth
Twenty-somethin’ K when I crack me a smile, my grandma say, « Boy, you no longer a child »
Come on, hit from the back, smack her booty, call me Trump, grab her coochie (Grab her coochie)
Dr. Miami did her boobies, thick as a Bible, hallelujah (‘Lujah)
Sluttin’ her out, know how I do it, pussy be dripping likе car fluid (Car fluid)
That ain’t my bitch, tell her she blеw it, I got that big head on a ho like Stewie (Like Stewie)
If he get close, then I’m backin’ him up, paid my sins for a minute, now I don’t give a fuck (Brrt)
Took me a loss, now they adding me up, you had counted me out, man, just keep it a buck
Straight on a nigga, not dappin’ you up, if you reach for my hand, then we packing you up (Brrt)
I got a feeling, if I know it’s somethin’, you setting me up, then we sending you up (Brrt)
Come on, reach for my chain, do what master used to do in them days (Woah)
Whip ’em, flip ’em, air lift ’em
‘Migo get ’em, Skippa Da Flippa
Shakin’ him down, that boy a stripper (Stripper)
This is the life of a Grape Street Cripper
Keep on your pants, give me them grippers (Grip, grip, grip)
If she suck dick good, I gotta tip her
She call me baba (Baba)
She grippin’ the sheets while I’m grippin’ the chopper (Come on)
Ain’t trustin’ no thot-thot (Thot-thot), yeah, know she a opp, but her pussy aqua (Come on)
If she send the drop, wait ’til they pop up and then they get shot up (Brrt)
Yeah, I know the plot (Plot), but plot twist, I’ma shoot ’til it lock up (Brrt)
Still tippin’, water whippin’, dash digit, go 250
Talkin’ down on me, tell them boys get up with me
They havin’ secret smoke, bring it to light, niggas just said, yeah, two C Grape, I’m like Lil Baby (Come on)
C Grape to me like Ced, damn, they thought I lost it (Thought I lost)
Them boys ranned off with my style, had to get a whole ‘nother wave, now I’m back on it
Them boys pissed in the toilet, hmm, they ain’t really even on shit
Same nigga said I wasn’t this and that, I headshotted his homie (Brrt)
Baow, another one, baow, another one, baow
I ain’t know he was dead, but God did
My lil’ nigga fifteen, he’ll lay on your house, I call him the spot kid (Spot kid)
I wanna get active, tired of speaking on the work that I put in
So spin, spin, sp— come on, spin, spin, spin, spin
Third gen, F&N
Evil twin, sin, sin
Perc’ 10 with the fin
Ha-ha, blow like wind
Ben 10, I changed, man
Fin, fin, fin, fin
Thought I was done, but I did it again (Brrt)