Cooler Returns Lyrics - Kiwi Jr. — Paroles de Chansons


[Verse 1]
Super Bowl Sunday, 2020
I did not feel well leaving the hotel
Said a long goodbye to a big dollar bill
See you again at the reading of the will

The Sherwood Forest Ranger retires
With Falconer’s complex and diners on fire

It’s not fair to be
Strung out on the back of your ATV
Throwing dead birds into the air
Singing, “Howdy, neighbours
How do you like my new ride?”
And now I can see that after spending some time apart

[Verse 2]
That’s a cost of doing business
That’s the price for healthy horses
Big decisions, Cooler Returns shows
With new revisions, two minutes to post

I don’t wanna task you out
But can you brеak this five for the jukebox, Jodi?
Thеy’ve got big ideas
About “Police and Thieves” and graduate degrees
While I’m just trying to visualize some laundry on a line


It’s my funeral from the angel’s eye view
I get carried away in the wake of The Make It New
Now I’m stuck North by Northeast learning
Object permanence again

I am not American
But I feel the beat sometimes
When I run into the screen door
At the retreat trying to learn the new lines
Backwards, forwards, backwards, forwards
Through the old Racquet Club archway
Tennis anyone again?
I was never one for trying to win as a team