Moonlight Lyrics - Everything Everything — Paroles de Chansons


[Verse 1]
Twenty more seconds and it could’ve been me
Lily-livered living in the Holocene way
It was an omen
Sting of the blind-worm and whatever else
In a spiral
In which we will lay
Chaos, slow and warm
All I need is red blood
Red blood
And I’ll get it

I’m caught on the horns
And I’m here for good

[Verse 2]
Tell me what it took you to turn it all around
I know what it took for you to come here on your own
Whatever snake-haired old Minotaur
Drink in the Lamb & Flag
He doesn’t live here

You’re caught on the horns, horns
And you’re here for good

On the wind I hear
Please be good to me
Chaos, slow and warm
All I need is red blood
That I feel now

I’m caught on the horns
And, I’m here for good