(Young Rich Squad)
Yo’, mm, mm, yo’

Niggas be beefing a lot
I don’t do none of the talking, just chill with my shorty
If he want smoke, send my bro
He pull up with the action and bust with a .40
I’m with yo’ bitch getting naughty
She drop her pants, my whip is so sporty
Do what the streets always taught me
Stack up my bread and just watch where you walking
I know he pussy, he talking, but never action
You know I’m packing
I do this shit with a passion
That’s why I’m splashing
Diamonds is dancing
You niggas stuck in the past and I’m in the future
Race me, I’ll lose ya’
You niggas copy, you junior
My niggas shoot, ya’ chopper gon’ tune ya’
I had to get in my bag, I had to get bread
I can’t do the broke
I just be sipping that Henny, I smoke on that gas
I can’t do the coke
I’m in that Phantom, like Danny
Yo’ bitch drop her panties as soon as I spoke
Young niggas getting that money
I laugh to the bank like that shit is a joke
We just be vibe
I’m with the gang, we call it the tribe
Get with the time
Jewish and shit, but my lawyer still bribe
Can you describe me?
Bitch I’m the king, just know I get live
I’m with the tommy
Ain’t no Hilfiger, this chopper gon’ drive
Bitch, you a mess
You need a pack? Then say less
My niggas is blessed
Aim at ya’ top, fuck a vest
Yo’ bitch giving neck, she like how I dress
I’m 21, so I’m stressed a millionaire
Who would of guessed?
I’m finna floss like it’s crest
I’m doing my thing, shorty, you know the rest
This one don’t need any hook, I came here to gas, you came here to fish
I got my shit from the cook, you know he the chef, his special the brick
I write my shit like a book, it’s easy to me, why you niggas look pissed?
I’m sorry, shorty, you shook?
I know that you love me, I’m never gon’ kiss
You niggas weird, my nigga
I’m never gon’ fear no nigga I’m talking ’bout
You prolly fear my niggas
‘Cause we with the peels and triggers, I’m talking ’bout
Banana clip on the AK
Send ’em out, have you hit on the same day
I did this shit for the pay day
How we living, we ain’t take the Safeway
Bitch, I might shoot a nigga
Meet my ruger, nigga, yeah, yeah
I did the drums on this beat
Like Lex Luger, nigga, yeah yeah
‘Kachi, he snapped on the melly
It’s free that boy Melly, I think about murder
If I ain’t rap, I’ma felly
Just wishing for opps showing up, Timmy Turner
Bitch, I’m the best, feel like a winner
You know the vibe
Eat chicken breast, had that for dinner
You know what time, I know I’m blessed
Bitch, I’m a sinner, we finna die
Gucci my vest
So if you gon’ kill me, shoot at my eyes
You better shoot at my eyes
Nigga better

Boy, better shoot me right in my fucking head, you shoot at me, nigga
Niggas finna die today