[Intro: EST Zo]
Ah, Big Zoski, bitch
Slimey, slatt
(Lucci, how you feel? Yeah)
(Lucci, how you feel?)

[Verse 1: EST Zo]
I miss my nigga, that shit major, we gon’ kill ’em all
I hate that bitch, ’cause she played me, now I’m tryna fuck her moms
Goofy niggas in the way, thinkin’ they gon’ stop the cause
That money be the reason why your dawgs snake you off
It’s a switch up on the glizzy, turn his brain to pasta
The first shot hit his melon, he ain’t get to see a doctor (Slatt)
Bitch, I’m swimmin’ with lil’ Scary, higher than a helicopter
We tryin’ duck the coppers with a car full of choppas
It’s murder on my mind, I done went and found his partner
Just caught the nigga danglin’, now his ass won’t see tomorrow
Bop, that’s my blood, bitch I’m slime, right or wrong
These niggas in they feelings so they makin’ diss songs
When I’m thinkin’ ’bout Austin, bitch, I’m getttin’ a wolf gone
Granny, I know you watchin’, just protect me while I’m goin’ wrong
Posted on the island with Big B’ in my second home
We up on every car, and get to dumpin’ if they move wrong

[Verse 2: EST Gee]
Yeah, hittin’ on my pack until I get a bruise on it
Told her wipe the counter, I been cuttin’ food on it
Right after we hit yo block, I seen the news on it
They be huntin’ for yo top, I got five hunnid blues on it
I broke off the whole gang, and let change see what the love like
I’m the type puttin’ my partner back in brains, make sure he love right
Acting like you T’d, posting me ’cause niggas got gun license
Shit be fun and games, ’til the doctor say, « Your lungs dyin' »
Niggas keep on sayin’ we done enough, but we ain’t done slidin’
Heard they want that lick back, I got shit whacked, keep my gun by me
Nah, I ain’t never heard of yo big brother, he a bum probably
Ho niggas can’t come ’round me, I might have lil’ bruh rob me

[Verse 3: BIG30]
Ayy, bitch, I’m CEO, they know we put shit in the coffin
Big choppa gang CEO, the choppa house my office
See every opp there was a problem, on my son, we offed ’em
Oh he a opp and we had dropped him, on my son we shot him
Bitch, this a robbery, you get to movin’ during this operation, then I’m sparkin’
Tried to spin through my block, they left his bitch ass by the garbage
Rich as fuck, give no fuck, I’m still gon’ break a bitch regardless
Free Sheisty out the fed, when he come out, he might come ‘Rari
Ammunition, switches, .50, might pop out with a fully
I can’t stand down for none, we got hollow for all the bullets
Try to play me like I’m jap’, I have them killers in your bushes
I ain’t arguin’ on the net, I’ll turn your bitch ass to some cookie (Gas, blrrrd, blrrrd)