2021 I’m making it to the top, bang songs are on their way
I made them aware, I told them: « Don’t take hundred years », I waited (it’s true)
And it’s God whom I ask for health and wealth (the two)
It was hard work making ends meet with a skipping rope
I don’t impose any restrictions on myself
Send ten lousy beats to my mail, I’ll release ten songs and a reedition
And I meet over coffee with my staff in the terrace
The label pays the bill, I never lose sight of the mission
There’s work to be done, results expected
Pushing the competition to tend their resignation letters
It’s becoming violent, it’s becoming more and more exhausting
It requires songs, but it requires sweat, and it calls for blood
And I’m starting to reap rewards
I’ve got to start increasing the price
Trapped like in a spider’s web, a crown impossible to relinquish
The good kings, they’re the ones who don’t want to reign
In freefall with a parasol
The motor needed repair
In the presence of the elderly, I had to be quiet
Bring bundles home without going astray; make it one day, that was the dream of young Fall
I knew the coach’s dressing room speech
The sugar-coated words of the sellouts, and the words of my father who told me to invest
My grades were golden, I didn’t even have a PIN code
My heart was golden, I didn’t even have a girlfriend
I still had my cards but I didn’t max them out
And I went to bed when the sun was rising (at daybreak)
It’s not chance but destiny and grit (hunger)
Ask those who knew little Karim