daisies Lyrics - guardin feat. Flowars — Paroles de Chansons


[Intro: guardin]
Sun don’t shine, it’s always so rainy
Fuck, at least it watered the daisies
Stay at home watching Patrick Swayze, yeah
Oh my god, this bitch sounding crazy
Told my friends that they couldn’t save me
What’s it like to always stay hating?

[Verse 1: guardin]
Can’t help but to constantly wonder
How this storm would feel without thunder?
Losing me, would that be a bummer?
All the memories that we had now
All fell with the leaves in the background
Dead to me by morning, how’s that sound?

Yeah, let me speak some facts
Leaving me alone increased my intrusive attacks
Yeah, my brain ain’t really felt the same since knives went in my back
And you called me insecure for being right about your past
Baby, that’s so whack
Talking to me’s easy with the doorbell still in tact
Tactical insertion place yourself up on the map
Then you hit me with some pillow thoughts
So we can just relax
Like don’t be shy, my love for you’s lucid
All my words got choked up by cupid
You must think that I am so stupid (Don’t be fucking stupid)
Told me not to jump to conclusions
Said it must be my own delusions
Look at me and tell me I’m losing
‘Cause I’m not, not, not, not
Yeah, ’cause I’m not, not, not, not
‘Cause I’m not, not, not, not

[Verse 2: Flowars]
Woah I just had a thought like
“If I’m not alright… if I’m not alright am I really alive?”
‘Cause I feel undead, daisy chain atop my head
Everything is messed up lately
Feeling like I caught a cold on the daily
I just keep my head on straight and a good ass vibe ’cause
I don’t wanna lose myself before I try
I got too much left to prove in life before I die
So I won’t ever let myself be left behind

[Outro: guardin]
Left behind, left behind, left behind, left behind
Left behind, left behind, yeah
Sun don’t shine, it’s always so rainy
Fuck, at least it watered the daisies
Stay at home watching Patrick Swayze
(This happens all the time, this happens all the time)