Kodak Black – Hard Life Lyrics

(L Beats)

My nigga seen somebody snitchin’, put a face on him
We killed the witness, now we call this blick the case burner
I’m rich as fuck, I’m in my money good
No matter what, I can’t stay out the hood
I loves to know how all of my people doin’
How would they feel if I go Hollywood?
I love my niggas so much, I let ’em cut me
He used to love me ’til he got some money
He went commercial, I stayed on the [?]
He met a bad bitch, she took her from me
Might’ve sold him muddy and I’m from the mud
Since еlementary, I was in the club
Mе and my friends grew up buggin’ cars
Yeah, we was kids, but we was thuggin’ hard
Me and Lil Wheezy, I don’t know where to start
The shit you did, it really broke my heart
Raw jacket cat won’t never bend
Project [?], [?], and [?]
Like every year, I’m always doin’ big
I’m tryna chill but they won’t let me live
This for the projects, Miss Ruth to me
I’m so smart to be my hater but I got food as waste
I tote .380s and I tote .38s
I hope the jakes don’t find my dirty K
Got on a chase, I had to swerve away
Glad they ain’t catch me with my dirty K, yeah
Got the [?] but I’m servin’ yae
I’m thinkin’ ’bout my next murder play
I love my country to the streets, I can’t even think
I’m always in and out of beef, I can’t catch a break
As soon as I deal one of you fuck niggas, another come
Ain’t got no money, baby, just hard dick and bubblegum
Got a daughter on the way but [?]
I’m tryna have a hundred mill’ before the summer come
I’m poppin’ a lot of pain pills because I got me some
These days, I’m never sayin’ still, you’d think I’m on the run
The race, was ridin’ ’round, I think they on to somethin’
We beef a lot, but dawg, you still my [?]
You stand up for me, I needed you but I gotta forgive you
Fuck how I’m feelin’, you my siblin’, I gotta forgive you
Man, them niggas spoke up on your name
I took it personal, I got out there to do my thing
And I be wonderin’, like, when is you gon’ do the same?
It’s been, my window pane gettin’ hit with rain
Feel like the alphabet, boy, you tryna squeeze a Z
I’m droppin’ hits and I do PPPs and easily
Surprised I made it in this rap streets had me in too deep
I keep a scrap, I be ready to smack shit, a DVD
She callin’ out different numbers, I put my phone on DND
Got a couple rubbers, leakin’ bitches in the BnB
I be dressin’, I don’t really care ’bout fashion and stuff
Still be carryin’ myself like I ain’t havin’ this stuff