Fists clenched in prepared kindness.
Jaw grinds in syncopation
With primordial electric twitch-pulses of kindness.
Moment-made involuntary movement,
Swift slashing swings of severe blunt-force kindness.
Knucklebones’ crystalline collisions crash
As physiologic thwaps and thumps of kindness.
Euphoric blackout of rage of kindness.
Blows sending sway the baby hairs on prettiest peach fruit dermis,
Swollen shunts showing sweet palette-purple,
Reprinted with the violence of kindness.
Bludgeoned to a pulpy pith, the pulpith of kindness.
En massé. A Worldbody blown to bits,
Bashed and beatbroken to fragmented particulate,
A sludgekludge swamp of bubbled bone and fang.
Killed by and with kindness.
A quote-unquote kindness-holocaust.