[Verse 1]
Oh, bring your salt, bring your cigarette
Draw me a circle and I’ll protect
Heaven is here if you want it

[Verse 2]
Oh, bring your boy, bring your bottle
Open your mouth, pour it down his neck
Heaven is here if you want it

[Verse 3]
And all of the fish, let ’em flounder
I went to the water, drank every drop
I’ll turn your sea to a desert

[Verse 4]
More catholic taste than the Devil
All gilded and golden, yes, I’m your girl
Hell, if it glitters, I’m going

And I ride in my red dress
And time stretchеs endless
With my gun in my hand
You know I always get my man

And еvery song I wrote became an escape rope
Tied around my neck to pull me up to Heaven