Out the gate, like Messiah
Crown around my head in barbed wire
They try to exile with no trial
I’ma put my feet up on the fire
It’s so wet I put it on the dryer
Hit it with the  »you can’t come, it’s private »
I can’t eat, I had to go on a diet
Can’t you tell I keep it on a budget
Being so fucked up I’m with the violence
In tunnel vision, I see no way out
And it’s Disney Channel in the playhouse
I’ll wake you up at the ending
History remember me {?}
There’s no way, no losers in this fight
Everything takes off our time
I don’t want your body, touch your mind
They won’t know the high, I’m so drained
30 fiends here, I got too many
Be like me, like Nino, when you ready
Metal on my wrist I swing heavy

Wanna be the hero of my story
Baby, if you let me be annoying (If you let me be)
Wanna wake up early in the morning
I just never wanted to be boring (I just never be)
Wanna be like me? You can’t afford it
Yeah, you’ll always be a tourist (You’ll never be)
Never be like me, to be honest
They like how I’m steppin’ with the Prada’s (You can’t walk like me)

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh