I Expect It Always Lyrics - Dinosaur Jr. — Paroles de Chansons


I expect it always
I won’t hold you down
Comin’ at me sideways
Crumbling from the sound

Center feeds the subjects
Several times a day
Sinking through the backyard
Thinking doesn’t pay

Tensions got me thinking
Drifting made it so
All the changes pending
Traction for the flow

I get there too early
You don’t feel it’s lame
I get where you’re going
Thinking doesn’t pay

Tested all the way
Tested all the way
Tested all the way

Dripped a lot of subjects
Filеd on a shelf
Task, you’re up to nothing
Maybe I’m not wеll

Feed me every message
You’re here all the time
Drifting through a secret
Not sure who or why