Royce Da 5'9" - Ice Cream (Interlude) (Lyrics) — Royce Da 5'9" Lyrics


[Mother (Son) {Ice Cream Man}:]
(Hey mommy?)
(What’s a allegory?)
An allegory is a story with a subliminal meaning that has a political message based off the writer’s mind
(Can you give me something from the ice cream truck?)
Of course baby
{What’s goin’ on ‘lil man, what can I get for you?}
Now for as long as I can remember, the ice cream truck been playin’ the same song
I bet you don’t even know the origin of it, do you? Do you, Mr. Ice Cream Man?
{Lady, what the hell are you talkin’ ab-}
Allow me to enlighten you, Mr. Ice Cream Man
A white man named Harry C. Brown made a racist ass song called « Nigga Love A Watermelon »
That was in 1916 on Columbia Records and here you are a 100 years later comin’ through your neighborhood playin’ the same fuckin’ song
Way to go Mr. Ice Cream Man
{Wait a minute, hold up}
{Ain’t you neverteddy69 from Tinder?}



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