[Intro: Yung Gravy]
Yeah baby
It’s the Golden Achiever
Call up the hussies, you know, pour up a little cognac
Lube up them eardrums, baby
For the sensation (Woah)
Prepare yourselves for something real (Uh)
Real marvelous

[Verse 1: Yung Gravy]
Gravy, baby
Flow sick like syphilis (Oh my god)
Brand new water bed, your bitch and me gon’ christen it
Please don’t suck my toes baby, I’m too ticklish
I gave her the North Pole, I call her Saint Thiccolas (Thiccolas)
I’m living it
Ain’t bout bands, that’s gibberish
Had to excuse myself, came right back with a different bitch
I’m glistеning
Hall of fame polygamist
I was tryna fuck my doctor, purposely tore my ligamеnts

Welcome to the new sensation
Way beyond imagination
You can feel the gravitation (Gravitation)

[Verse 2: Yung Gravy]
I’m that guy (With the ice, baby)
I don’t even drip, I scuba dive (Yuh, splash)
I don’t want it ‘less its supersized (stupid thick baby)
Baby I’m the lord of the fly (Fly)
No surprise! (Y’all ready know)
Change the weather when my chariot arrives (Drizzle, drizzle)
Gravy baby I’m the young Jackson Five (I don’t want you back)
Ain’t no hoe, just my genes tryna survive (Gravy)

[Bridge: Yung Gravy & bbno$]
Allow me to introduce my brother
The moneyless magnificent (Baby!)
Yeah, I’ma go in

[Verse 3: bbno$]
Don’t do ketamine
But I like amphetamines
Whole lotta red, don’t sip no grenadine
Don’t do bars, got bars no melody
Green, green, green, green, green, eat celery
Best dick game of the twenty-first century
Paradiddle, pataflafla rudimentary
Swiss armo I’ma split that pedigree
Bag big like bird, snapped like sesame
Ay, damn I’m dope
Shout out my parents for having me
My girl smart like Daphne
She got that Scooby-Doo snackery
E-ego Burj Khalifa, Mona Lisa better stop gassing me
Baby and Gravy gon’ talk then hieroglyphics, talking blasphemy

[Outro: bbno$]
On god