Jamie McDell – Beach House Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Drivin’ to your beach house
I wanna find some peace, tryin’ to get some sleep
If I just sang forever, would I have nothin’ left
But gone and done my best?

And ooh, I wanna change my number and never call again
But you are all that I look forward to, but that don’t fit right yet
It don’t sit right yet

[Verse 2]
Havin’ colder showers
I want to fix my head by freezin’ it instead
If I just sat here breathin’
Could I feel proud and brave for livin’ through today?

And ooh, I wanna write my teachers and tell ’em they were wrong
But the truth is, I’m not savin’ people, I’m just writing songs
Just tryin’ to feel well

Drivin’ to your beach housе
In my workin’ car with my groceries and my bottles of winе
And I’ve been private schooled
Yeah, I’ve been raised and dressed and given hands and blessed
And I’ll be back this weekend
To our house and home, no, I don’t live alone, I married in the summer
But I can’t find a job
And we’re still doin’ fine and it’s all in my mind driving to your beach house