Kelela – Closure Lyrics Featuring RAHRAH GABOR

Mm, no, no-no
No, no

[Verse 1: Kelela]
Throw it on the flame, ignite it
If we link up, you won’t wanna go
Put the sword down, you can’t fight it
If you front row, I’ll put on a show
You tried to postpone one night
Guess I wasn’t clear enough
It’s a body party, you’re invited
You fakin’, but I’m ready

[Pre-Chorus: Kelela]
Give up then I’ll forgive you for
Talking to me dirty earlier
What do I get for you ghostin’, love? (Know you are, know you are, know you are)
Just come through, I’ll forget it, oh
Talk to me, I’m feeling wavy
Back and forth and so it goes

[Chorus: Kelela]
Is that all you got?
And did you really cop out when you know?
You want a top and so I’m following on the low
Is that all you got?
I’m talkin’ a lot ’cause I’m sure (‘Cause I’m sure, I’m sure, I’m sure)
You should stop buggin’
We got some things to explore
(I’ma wait up)

[Verse 2: Rahrah Gabor & Kelela]
Uh, what the lick read?
I’m waiting for you to pull up and come lick me (I’ma wait up)
It’s been a minute since I let you come and stick me
You know I always leave the situation sticky (I’ma wait up)
Uh, yo, I ain’t a pick-me
But tonight, I’m hoping that you gonna pick me (I’ma wait up)
I’m a grown ass woman, not a pickney
Got good knees, I’ma ride it like a six-speed (I’ma wait up)
Uh, yo, now what the lick read?
Wintertime done got ya girl a little thick, see (I’ma wait up)
I’m type-buzzed, you know I’m hardly ever tipsy
I’m going rounds, when we get done you’ll wanna tip me (I’ma wait up, oh, no)
Uh, yo, I want the tip, B
You wanna drown, you know it’s wetter than a ship be
You like ’em brown, you ain’t another Clayton Bigsby
Come to the crib and let me work you like a gig, G

[Outro: Kelela]
I’ma wait up
I’ma wait up
I’ma wait up
I’ma wait up (Wait up, wait up)
I’ma wait up (Wait up)
Wait up (Wait up, wait up)
I’ma wait up
I’ma wait up