Ben Folds – Kristine from the 7th Grade Lyrics

Are you the same Kristine
I knew from seventh grade?
No, it’s definitely you
Just with a new last name

Someone who laughed a lot
Is what I remember the most
But the face in your profile
Suggests maybe not so much anymore

Yeah, I got the emails
These last two years every day
And I just don’t reply because
I’m not really sure what to say

Kristine from the seventh gradе

The anger, the all-caps
And all thе pseudoscience
The misspellings, they must be on purpose
We went to a good school, Kristine

So what would you imagine I might
Take from this deluge of memes?
With the cryptic, dark Bible quotes
Guns and dead fetuses
Seriously, Kristine, are you okay?

‘Cause this world can be
Wonderful too, yeah?
Do you ever see it that way?

Kristine from the seventh grade

There’s a break in the rain
A perfect time for a walk
The smell of wet leaves
The warm smiles and hellos
These things exist in the real world, you know

Oh, what a shame, Kristine
This disease that makes strangers of friends
But if these days, it’s really « us’s » and « them’s »
Then maybe you should just take me off both of those lists

‘Cause it’s such a short and sad
And beautiful life
Do you ever see it that way?