Kodak Black – Kylie Grande Lyrics

I want Kylie Jenner twerkin’ to this
And I want Ariana twerkin’ to this
I want Kylie Jenner twerkin’ to this
I want Ariana twerkin’ to this
Every once in a while, we used to turn up, turn up, turn up
Think about them times I used to turn up with you
Now [?], we countin’ lead, we burn up, burn up, burn up
We was just playin’ ’round but now I’m stuck with you
On Grandma, yeah, I booked a PJ, just me and my niggas
We used to fantasize this life when we was high off jiggas
Rollin’ them wankies, you done told me that you love me
By the meantime stackin’ water, ain’t civilizin’
You Chain Gang with a crooked knifе
Goin’ through it, I ain’t sympathize
Lord knows I was almost blind
Blowin’ smoke, in your mama house
Ovеrdosin’ on gunpowder
Hopin’ that was my role model
Hope Weezy could take me shoppin’
While he bought me every Jordan that came out, that’s on my baby Snipe
And the chain gang with a baby knife
Duece duece in my Timberland and a glove on
This ain’t a thug song, it’s a love song
I’ma hit her raw with my gloves on and my ski mask
Still remember that night I was at your crib and I just came from a drill
My Kylie, I miss you, where would I be without my pistol?
It’s gon’ be hard to let you go, my bae
Every night, I didn’t use to cut up, cut up, cut up
You just crossed the line this time, I’m so done with you
You crossed the line this time, I’ll never forgive you
And I just gotta let you go, my bae
Every night, I didn’t use to cut up, but you ain’t ever take it this far
You feel the same way like me, you ain’t nothin’
I got the same rims on that I just re-painted, huh
Yeah, I put the Maybach on Forgies if I could
You wouldn’t ignore me if you would
I’m puttin’ turkeys in the hood too much
From where I’m standin’, I can see God smilin’
I could’ve sworn I felt raindrops fallin’
I lost my life for y’all, I smoked a whole ID
Ayy, Kylie Jenner where you at I’m goin’ Scottie
Baby, where should I meet you?
[?], I’ll teach you, shawty
I could see the moon, at a shot [?]
I can see the moon
Mob get on the moon
Put a cut down and a blunt up
But once in a blue moon, I’ll turn up off it
I had to let you go, you had me so exhausted
Bought my grandma a mansion, she rather stay in the forest
My granny ducked off in the woods, but you know what I’m tryna say
I come through beatin’ ’round the bush, my snipers on a [?]
Throwin’ money in the hood
You ain’t never seen a vulture cry, you lookin’ at a wolf
I don’t cry, love
I’m just barkin’ at the moon
I ain’t never been a dummy but I’ll crash for real
I snucked in with a pound of Runtz, vacuum sealed
I got the same juice that got 2Pac killed
You know what it is
Still got « Asian Face » tatted on my ribs
Swallow mouth full them pills, bumpin’ Juice WRLD in the crib, baby
I done split a half a milli’ on a clit, my niggas’ll kill me if I spit
That’s why I still be in the bricks, ain’t it?
I want Ariana Grande in here booty shakin’
Baby, where should I meet you?
Baby, where should I meet you?
[?] face tat
[?] on a [?], [?] biddies on your [?]