[Intro: Telephone operator]
–corded and may be monitored
If you do not wish to receive this call, please hang up now
This call is originating from the correctional centre

[Verse: Lekks14]
Back then, I was never this guy
If you saw me during that time, you’d think my life is all just a lie
But I saw my blood get got, right before my eyes
I could’ve ran and hide, but I got jumped with it ’cause I had to ride
Even you fold under the pressure, that makes you a diamond
If that makes you a pussy, I’ll turn into a lion
My heart turned cold when I gripped that iron
Revengе for the night just played on my mind, and
Yeah, I kеpt on ridin’, and I kept on ridin’
Lucky I never got done those nights
It’s all about timin’, all goes timin’
YP more different than Ash
He’ll catch ’em all with shanks and swords
Let’s poke ’em on to their chest and back
It’s more than a lightning bolt, lad, if YP catch you
That shanks we grip don’t cruise into
With hands on shivs then push them through, ayy