Li Rye – Rookie Of The Year Lyrics

(Skeeo went crazy)
Ayy on Red, this finna be one of my best songs of the year
(Call that boy Duhvinci how he up and just paint shit)
Big 26K shit, nigga

I’m the rookie of the year, that pussy know that’s why he on my dick
When I’m an hour away at home, I’m ridin’ with so many sticks
I throw a K behind that Trey, ain’t gotta wonder if I’m on that shit, nigga, I come direct with it
When you say my name, bitch, you better mention respect with it
I don’t give a fuck because I blew up rapping, bitch, I’m still with it
And free my niggas that got caught up trappin’ and was in love with them switches
No, I can’t get caught up with no ho, I don’t send my lo’ to bitches
Free JB and Rod, they watched they big brother run up them digits
Free JB and Rod, they watched they big bruh, chase niggas down with blickies
I put on for ‘Bama like Nick Saban, bitch, I’m known for blitzin’
I’m on your ass soon as you play, same time act like I ain’t payin’ you no attention
They flew me to LA, but I’m still in the trenches
Thuggin’ with them bounty hunters daily, know this shit get wicked
I know Bu gon’ shoot until it click, Bhlacky don’t do no missing
Grrt, rat-tat, boom, that’s a rapper nigga dead for speaking on my name
I just wan’ shoot you in your shit, I don’t even wan’ take your chain
Time to remind you you a bitch, just a fuck nigga with some fame
Now while you sittin’ on top the mountain, bitch, I’m outside leaving stains
Soon your brother ‘nem pop out, I’ma make sure he ain’t the same
Pussy nigga called me a rookie like that ain’t who changed the game, this shit ’bout my respect
This shit ain’t ’bout no money, ’bout no fame, ’bout no car
‘Bout no business, ’bout no diamonds, ’bout no riches, ’bout no none of that
I heard that fuck nigga spoke on my name and I ain’t know none of that
Say the bitch a killer? Grew up bumpin’ that ho, but ain’t no more of that
In traffic stop, the bullets at his head, you know I’m throwing that
I been tryna fuck this long head bitch for long, that ho, she throw it back
I been tryna fuck this long head bitch so long, I hope she throw it back
I know that nigga richer than a bitch, I can’t go rack for rack
Don’t forget I’m still knee-deep in the trenches, I can go tat for tat
Nigga, I could go whack for whack
Nigga, I can go body for body, I can go hat for hat
I don’t want that fuck nigga around me, I already heard he was scared
Why the fuck we got beef with a mess of them niggas bled?
I don’t know if they think this shit a game or not, but wait until it’s blood shed
Wait until we catch one of them niggas coming out the club on some drunk shit
These 7.62’s hit like a fucking truck, I’m tryna dump shit
Oh, they outside lacking? We beat they block down like a drum, bitch
You lucky if the paramedics come ’cause this the slum, bitch
Ain’t check in with my bond in like two months, think I’m back on the run
But you know I don’t give a fuck
I’ll up my gun and shoot this bitch broad day, right under the Sun
I’m sick in the head, in love with murder, I do this shit for fun

Haha, ayy, ayy
Big 26K shit, nigga
Big YTG, yellow tape, nigga
I’ll bust yo head like a grape, nigga
I bang with bounty hunters, don’t fuck with—
Real gangsta, I don’t need no gun to rob your ass, boy, you get shanked, nigga
It’s tatted in my face, you know I’m Big 26K, nigga
It’s tatted in my face, I don’t show no love to no fake nigga
I give you everything you want why you still wan’ eat off my plate, nigga
How you ask for some of mine when I ordered less so you could get steak, nigga?
So many nights I suffered just for your days to be great, nigga
That’s why I don’t understand when I’m not around why it’s never love and always hate, my nigga
My, my nigga
I’m done