Mind the Gap Lyrics - Alfa Mist — Paroles de Chansons


[Intro: Alfa Mist]
Mmm, okay
The next station is East [?]. This is a district line train to [?]

[Verse 1: Alfa Mist]
I was not prepared
She called me a good person, I was like “You lost me there”
I got fam in foster care ’cause it wasn’t my cross to bear
Lots of prayers long distance, but life’s not as fair
For a child with a problem parent
Not comparing or judging, not as caring
Must have lost my bearings
My vision is tunnel, I live in a bubble
But living’s enough, I’ve been in the struggle
So I send P’s but can’t listen to troubles
Forgive me I love you but I live a life paved with lies
Every day I say I’m fine, then lay awake at night
Contemplating ways to fly but then I stabilise
I stay alive

[Chorus: Alfa Mist]
Take my time
So they only see me in right state of mind
We all rise and decline
I don’t want to live a life they designed
Take my time
So they only see me in right state of mind
We all rise and decline

[Verse 2: Lex Amor]
Now, what do I owe?
What do I give?
Feel like Babylon owes me everything
Bus stops in winter taught me all about a wish, darg
Feeling, I been feeling things
Demons ere I musta let a couple in
Something for the cold
Something for my questions marks
My yes’s and my no’s
Is this everything I get?
Spirit feeling it but my mind a bloody mess
Can’t lie my guy, my mind a bloody mess
I think I hit the belly, mazza mazza what a mazza
Wish someone would tell me I just woke up In a sweat
Not much I can do to force a happy ever after
Imma pick the ink, swish my wrist, pray that it connects again
I’m praying it connects
Not sure what I’m doing here been hoping for the best
Still fidgeting and restless
Consciously in awe of possibility and essence
I just think I need a rest
Would you please give me a sec
Tonight Jigga told me she believes the ends’ll make amends
Wish someone would tell me
I been fighting with this passa
Why’s When’s and How’s drowning out my fathers “Yo”
When I’m cold like everyone I know’s known a mazza
Praying vim’ll back it
But jacket’s wither in the cold
Shoulda known
Dash my phone
Let me lie down here in silence man I’m tired…