MORENA FREESTYLE Lyrics - Joey Trap — Paroles de Chansons



I do my dance, now your shorty a fan
She fell in love when she sit in the Benz
She probably buzzin’, she grab on my hands
I want the codeine, you don’t understand
Said she a thot, but I can’t fuck a bitch
Top, but I can’t fuck a ho
I gotta stay with the grip on my pole
You never listen and you never grow
You always bitchin’ and that’s why you broke, huh
Me, I just stay with my, huh
Me, I just stay with my scope, huh
Most of these niggas just choke, huh
Came up from flippin’ that dope, huh
I’m in the ghost like the pope, huh
Nigga, I make it look easy
Why do you niggas still choke?