[Verse 1: KYLE]
Yeah, yeah, look
It’s K.i.D, though, I need the big crib in Montecito
I’m sippin’ Pinot, chain wetter than El Niño
Yeah, I’ll do your song, but you better come with the fee
‘Cause the only dude I’m talkin’ ’bout free is my nigga Greedo
Talkin’ to this baddie Latina from Encino
Said a nigga on some childish shit, like Gambino
Yeah, that’s the love of his life, as far as he know
But that’s the bust down of the night as far as we know
Haha, that could never be me
Man, the way it’s looking my booking fee, it never be cheap
And it’s ’cause the game is actually lacking niggas who can really rap
Damn, y’all niggas really trash, someone call up Mr. Man

[Verse 2: Mr. Man]
Well fuck it, let me get it then
All this talk about where I been
Probably on an island with my lady friend
And I’m still ridin’ down De Soto
Ever since the can you flows on Via Ondulando
They don’t want it with the squad, though

[Interlude: KYLE & Mr. Man]
I mean, yo, my nigga, dawg, it’s been so long
How have you been? Yeah, uh
Yeah, what the fuck are you even doing here?
Bro, honestly, I was just going to pick up some weed, and I seen your, I seen your car parked
I mean, well, now that you’re here, think we could get a quick 12?
Fuck it

[Verse 3: Mr. Man]
Okay, I’m checkin’ in, doing the dash, these niggas peddlin’
Cracked the moon roof like the medicine, niggas heaven sent
Niggas can’t rap like this, too many Xans
The real is back, word to K.i.D and Mr. Man
These proven facts, stuffed to the coal
Been ten toes, in them dirty Chucks
Where is the fucks I gave? Long gone
Still give none, so fuck what you sayin’ and then some
I’m Chuck Blaze, said he up to something, might just be

[Verse 4: KYLE & Mr. Man]
Ayy, look, I’m really out here rappin’ and snappin’
Ready for action, my faction niggas be cappin’ like the top of they hat
See niggas talk about everything except for the facts
They wouldn’t have much to say if they were talkin’ about that
Never mind, niggas missed out, think it’s time to remind niggas
Ain’t no plate at the table if they ain’t put in the grind with us
Ain’t no matchin’ Rollie if they ain’t put in the time with us
All these dull ass niggas trying to shine with us, no
Niggas wasn’t breaking bread with us when we was broke
Niggas say they in the race but they ain’t comin’ close
Niggas say they down but they ain’t ten toes
Mr. Man and K.i.D, yeah, they already know