Quavo – Narkedo Speaks Lyrics

[Interlude: Takeoff, N.O.R.E. & Quavo]
I ain’t even have a plan B, I made myself not have a plan B on purpose
Just so I can fulfill my plan A
So, (Ayy, ya’ll need to hear that, keep—, say that)
One more time, ya’ll just need to hear that
Nah, I made sure I didn’t have a plan B, I kept my plan A
So, I could fulfill my plan B, I didn’t even create a plan B
Or even get my mind set up for a plan B, ’cause my plan A was gon’ work
No matter what, it’s- (I knew that was gon’ do good, nah for real)
-Really what I wanted to do though, you know what I’m sayin’, so (Right)
And I did it, God is good