English Translation of « Solar – nigdy więcej 2022 (never again 2022) »

[Intro: Jerzyk, Rapglass; Kaziu]
SBM has completely dominated the Polish scene.
In reality, there are no other labels on the horizon that could even come close to them, let alone compete with them.
(…) people absolutely love it when they see that something is a true family and a true team,
And that is something that cannot be denied about SB for some time.
Album of the year 2022 already in January.
Full domination and I really don’t know what would have to happen for it all to fall apart.

[Verse 1: Solar]
Hot Sri Lanka, I’m going on vacation to clear my head
My grandmother is dying, I get on a plane and come back to deliver a speech
That night an invasion began, at the borders of our country
Destroyed cities, and in a moment I’m stepping onto the pulpit
Dark room in an empty house, the dog scratches at the door
And if it weren’t for that, I’d be lying here for a few more days, because
It was a tough year, like a few tons
Now I’m not lying with her, with Lorn playing in the background
I hated myself, thanks to you
The words are so sharp, they almost cut my veins
Unprinted photos, unedited films
Only a White’s ad is still stirring up the wound (Solar is getting married)
My heart breaks when I don’t hear « dad, wake up » in the morning
And unfortunately it’s too late to fix it
You know best what you want and you will have it
And you will do what you want, like an old Bedoesiara
Thanks for the role of a leader, let others take over now
I finished the year with anxiety and depression
Yesterday they predicted eternity, today they predict our downfall
When everything falls apart, make spice out of it

[Break: RapRiver; Suma]
The position of a permanent giant is starting to melt, and the competition is not sleeping
Unlike SBM, they are not called a family
It seems to me that this will not be the best time for SBM, in fact, it will be very difficult
SBM seems to be turning into a sinking ship
It looks like some kind of corporation, pathetic

[Chorus: Solar, Białas, Lil Konon]
It was us, who turned rebellion into pop
It was us, who killed hip-hop
It was us, who threw a stick into an anthill
Until it all came out on the outside
It was us, who turned rebellion into pop
It was us, who killed hip-hop
(It was us, it was us)
It was us, who threw a stick into an anthill
Until it all came out on the outside
(SBM is not a family)

[Verse 2: Solar]
These are the facts
Blood doesn’t connect us, contracts do
We lived together for years like brothers
Now that’s not the case, so why pretend?
The papers were lying at the bottom of the drawer
They had no access to our relationship or our vibe
« Motyle » didn’t work, I get it, it’s not your thing
But not appreciating the lyrics to « Ojciec » is herd mentality
Kinny at Natsu was my idea, and it’s true
So if it’s crappy, I’ll take it on myself, and it’s okay
2022, what needed to be spilled has been spilled
It’s not family, it’s a generation that’s just starting
No one’s crying for anyone because everyone’s alive and healthy
Skyscrapers may sway, but the foundation is unshaken

[Chorus: Solar, Białas]
It was us who turned rebellion into pop
It was us who killed hip-hop
(It was us, it was us)
It was us who kicked the anthill
Until everything spilled outside
(It was us, it was us)

[Verse 3: Solar]
It’s the fifth era of SBM, I’m a rapper again
I have six diamonds at home, I could use seven
I’m rooting for us to come back with « Hotel » this year
And if the guys decide not to, let them do other labels
There will surely be changes and many more to come
Jank’s departure and farewell to Bete
The room is being renovated, but you can always come back and live here
You’re always welcome here, and please remember that
Even if you start new families, visit the old ones on holidays
And Bizz and I are already starting to tinker with the siblings.

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