November Ultra – Thelma & Louise Lyrics

why don’t we disappear?
head out somewhere near the beach
and the rain?
i’m missing Spain…

we would laugh through the night
and get in a couple fights
about our favourite ways
to say this phrase: « I love you »

i love you
that’s all I do
oh, i love you…

do you?

cause when i sing
all i sing about is you
and when i dream
all i dream about is you

and when I wake up next to you
you smile at me and I smile at you

we’re like feathers in the wind
like two flowers in the spring
you’re making me feel everything
i never thought I would

so i throw kisses in the air
and you catch them
‘cause you care about me
about me…

and that’s why I love you
i love you
that’s all i do
oh, i love you

oh i love you
i really do
that’s all i do

do you?