On Gang Lyrics - Chief Keef, Tadoe & Ballout — Paroles de Chansons


Ayy, Young Malcolm

[Chorus: Chief Keef]
On gang (ayy, ayy)
On gang (ayy, ayy, bang)
On gang (wooh, wooh)
Had them BD’s on (wooh, wooh, bang)

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
I just pulled up in a ‘vette, vet said I’m good lookin’ (yeah, ayy, on gang)
Try to consist the color (okay), puddin’ this bitch just called puddin’ (okay)
And I hang my wrist up out it (bang bang, gang, on gang), smokin’ on the gross (dududuh)
You can not afford this shit, the gross cost the most

[Verse 2: Tadoe]
Don’t make me call a hit, they blast out, lil folks slide and smoke you (I say)
We slidin’, we slidin’, we spinnin’, spinnin’, let’s go on roller-coaster

[Verse 3: Ballout & Chief Keef]
If I’m rollin’ up then you lil niggas know what I’m smokin’ (ayy)
I’m ridin’ in a foreign (gang) and I don’t even know where I’m goin’ (ayy)
We five deep, back to back, ridin’, slidin’ and glidin’ (skrt skrt)
The opps so broke, they playin’ Duck Duck and hidin’ (skrt skrt skrt)
Ten thousand on that shit, boy, you shouldn’t have bought that jewelry (dududuh)
I’m ridin’ ’round SRT (dududuh) seats on they period (dududuh)

[Chorus: Chief Keef]
Wooh (skuduskuh)
On gang (wooh, wooh, skuduskuh, skuduskuh)
On gang (wooh, wooh, skuduskuh)
On gang (skrt skrt)
Haha, wooh, ayy

[Verse 4: Chief Keef]
At the dinner table with the Glock up on a holster
Chopper from Iran, bitch, I be hangin’ with some soldiers
The blueface is the bread and the money machine the toaster
Ain’t used to wanna crease my shoes now I walk on the back of ’em (ayy)
Rest in peace to Tray Savage, I’m tryna MAC something
Sellin’ that dope turnt up my crack sum
Ridin’ with that MAC, bitch, I hack a bitch
Bitch, don’t call me “Keef”, call me “Your Majesty”
Where the fuck your parties at? Gang’ll crash the shit
Said you got a pint, bitch, we’ll match that shit
Row, row your boat on a block, patchin’ shit
Said she wanna smoke dope, told that bitch “I got that shit”

[Chorus: Chief Keef]
Bang bang bang bang
On gang (ayy)
On gang (gang)
On gang

[Verse 5: Tadoe & Chief Keef]
He just bought a pint of Tris, but he ain’t know it’s fake
Got a chopper same size Tiny, nigga, no escape
Boy, you bet’ not pull up joshin’, let you hold the Drac’
I ride Forgiatos like they roller-skates

[Verse 6: Ballout]
I got racks on me, nigga, no debate
Bitches say that they gay, but for me they straight
Trap house, foreign outside, we don’t go on dates
Jewelry water lake, long live the greats
Ocean Prime steaks, go, go no breaks
Go Ballout, nigga, know it’s go, go no breaks
They got hoe traits in they whole face
I be with some warriors, call us Golden State

[Chorus: Chief Keef]
Wooh (wooh wooh)
On gang (ayy ayy ayy)
On gang (wooh, ayy ayy, bang)
On gang (wooh wooh)
Had them BD’s on

[Verse 7: Chief Keef]
Pussy stay in your lane (wooh, skuduskuh)
No face, no case, bitch, no names (huh)
Countin’ papers, turnin’ pages (turnin’ pages, ayy)
Call me Chief So the greatest (bang bang, ayy)
I’m like long live the greats, bitch (bih bih bih bih)
Monkey nuts, I’m goin’ ape shit (ayy ayy, bang)
Now you walk like tail bitch (ayy, ayy, skuduskuh)
Got some gay hoes in a straight bitch (skuduskuh, ayy ayy)
I’ma king, I’ma pharaoh, hoe (true, true, true true)
Pull up right by you in a Camaro, hoe (true, true, true true, ayy)
Free Left Eye, Jack Sparrow, hoe (ayy, ayy, ayy, gang)
I’m smokin’ arms out the elbow, hoe (wooh, wooh)

[Chorus: Chief Keef]
On gang (ayy, ayy)
On gang (wooh, ayy, ayy, bang)
On gang (wooh wooh)
Had them BD’s on (bang, wooh, wooh, wooh)
On gang (ayy, ayy)
On gang (wooh, ayy, ayy, bang)
On gang (wooh wooh, bang, bang)