Overnight Celebrity (Remix) Lyrics - Since99 — Paroles de Chansons


[Verse 1]
I’ma slide to her crib for the one time
I’ma beat up on her cat like a drumline
One-twenty in the sky can change your life
Everything a broke bitch do is talk and type
Scout tryna see a 99 believe the hype
Feds wanna try and pull me over, I bust a right
Then I went and made a quick left, I’m out of sight
Three-five of the blue runtz, I’m high as kites
I just wanna make a play, like Sheldon Mack
I really wanna link up with her and break her back
He wanna be a wholе shooter, his jumper whack
Making plays down in Fort Worth, I feel like Dak
If thе gas don’t work, I might try crack
Plug stay in Iran, damn, he got foreign racks
I’ma stick with the God’s gift, no foreign pass
Said she wanna get a tell fare, I got some stacks

She know, she know it right
I could make her a celebrity overnight
Off one pick and I make the ho sick
Then I’m ’bout to go and put her on a goddamn flight
She know, she know it right
I could make her a celebrity overnight
I could make her a celebrity overnight
I could make her a celebrity overnight

[Verse 2]
Off one pick, they gon’ put her on the Shade Room
First class flight, she give neck with the legroom
Spike off drink, know he ’bout to go to bed soon
Spent a couple racks on the trip, we in Cancún
She was once shoppin’ out at Target and now Chanel
‘Bout to go and steal a [?] tag, they got all the spells
Catchin’ plays up in Carolina, like Brandon LaFell
Shootin’ shit when I’m in the bay, Omari Spell’
Now it’s back to the thots and the hoes and the tricks
Number (N)ine on my ass, I’ma mix it with the Rick
I just left her on read, man, I know her ass sick
Long shot from the back and then shoot, Rik Smits
Jewels like a [?], goddamn they [blitz?]
On the sideline callin’ out shots, David Fiz’
Quick dub in a week, I’m ’bout my biz’
I’ma stick her on the east lookin’ for hoes
Feel like Metta World Peace, I’m throwin’ ‘bows
She was tryna cave back and show ’em the love
And I’m tryna count racks and flex on a ho
Stay in L.A. and turn into Eric Snow
But you’re gon’ make a quick few bucks off stealing flows
They ain’t really see it comin’, I hit my glow
Mohawk when I’m in the field, like Eric Rowe