Ben Folds – Paddleboat Breakup Lyrics

Tossed about the ocean
In boats built for a lake
Life is but a dream
A stream of beautiful mistakes

On a quiet lake
So far from the shore
We had paddled for an hour
Back would be way more

She said, « That’s just great, oh
What is wrong with you?
You wait ’til we’re trapped in a boat
To tell me we’re through? »

But in the safest dark
It had seemed so clear
Tell the truth and let the daylight shine
Watch the shadows disappear
And then the morning came
And I couldn’t bring myself to say it

So we went through all seasons
Wrapped in safety vests
The bright red sun, it seared my soul
Her eyes, they burned the rest

You must really hate me
To have planned it out like this
You can get us back to the shore
I’m not rowing shit

And then the questions came
With no place to hide
Why did I blurt it trapped alone in a boat?
I rowed against the tide
I guess I had all day
But I couldn’t bring myself to say it

So we turned in our vests
And headed to our cars
She said bye and drove away
But mine, it would not start

And now the sun is setting
And everyone has left
I’m waiting for the tow truck now
And she just sent a text

She said
« You see, these last few days
I’ve had something big to say
How romantic it would be to wait
And I could tell you on the lake
But then you dropped that bomb
And I couldn’t bring myself to say it »