Hardrock – poet Lyrics

I know, I know [?]
I feel like I— , I’m [?]
Knew I was gon’ be the one (Yeah, I know)
I knew I was gon’ be the one

If I was the prosecutor, I want justice (Justice)
Whole block in love with illegal substance
They love the neighborhood hero
But they ain’t give a fuck about him when he had zero
They don’t care what the fuck you got to say ’til you got some that they need
Don’t got time to play around, got family I gotta feed
I ain’t gonna turn around no more, I’ma just leave
Told you that it was time to go, but you ain’t wanna leave (Wanna leave)
I ain’t fuck with college, ain’t need no degree (No degree)
I found out that this microphone was for me (For me)
Fell in love with them blue Benjamins and selfies (Selfies)
We gon’ up the score on opps, won’t be no OTs (OTs)
Ain’t nobody see the vision in my mind (My mind)
I was grinding at all times (All times)
Had the dollars, commas in the back of my mind (My mind)
I stood tall, stood fine (Stood fine)
Even when I felt like quitting, I kept trying (Kept trying)
Now the time has come, it’s my time (My time)
I’ma do it all, the whole nine (Whole nine)
Knew I was a star when I was nine (Nine)
The darkness will fade and I will shine (Shine)
For I am, for I am, for I am the Lord (The Lord)
Your God who takes hold of your right hand (Hand)
And says to you, « Do not fear, I will help you » (You)
In God’s name, in God’s will (God’s will)
Follow me to victory (Victory)
Rejoice over me (Over me)
Bless your heart in the name of thee (Of thee)
Recognize that my legacy (My legacy)
Will reign on for centuries (Centuries)
Generations (Generations) way after me (After me)
Hardrock (Hardrock), one of one (One of one), Slatty Don (Slatty Don)