Bet you ain’t never seen a baddest Asian like me
I go by the name of, you already know
If you find somebody like me around you
You let ’em know
That’s cap

Post up in my big esteems
Bigger dreams, whole lot of bigger things
새출발 바로 reoffense
아홉번 쓰러져도 바로 get up 10
심호흡 zen
C-H-A-E-L-I-N, that’s me we stay fly
니넨 날 따라오길 머리 위에 날다 도착해 잠시 쉴게 (Silence)
Baddest female Asian, that is the status
Heavy bass and basement throughout the attic
2NE1 my past, my forever blessing
Now 2020 was next I’ll be just salivated
Chеrry’s on my mind on a regular
인생이 겜이라면 미션후엔 레벨업
내면과 다른삶 딱히 재미 없거든
Always keep it 100

Honey, world is mine ain’t no running from it
저기 배 아픈이유 내가 원인
니네 뻔히 목 쉴 때 편히 허밍
Hеar you talking
How about you just come and say it to my face?

[Instrumental Chorus]