Prada Bae Lyrics - Young T & Bugsey feat. Nafe Smallz — Paroles de Chansons


Quincy tell ’em

[Chorus: Bugsey]
Real G’s move in silence like it’s bolognese
My life ain’t been the same, I’m in my Gucci bag (Yeah)
Baddie with me come from outta way
Fuck in the GLA, she made her booty clap (Let’s go)
Sipping regular Dom Peri’ ay, shawty you’d be amazed
Girl, you my Prada bae
Throw me lemons, I’ll make lemonade
The plug and I liaise, I’m finna fly away

[Verse 1: Nafe Smallz]
I just keep it sho’, she see everything froze
We lit, they know
My clique, my woes
Steppеd in clean, spend a whip on thesе roses
Still smoking these O’s, ain’t cuffin no hoes
Don’t get caught slippin’ when you on the main road
Devil still lurking, you know how the game goes
I don’t trust a soul, nah there’s not a soul