Rachel Zegler & The Covey Band – Pure As the Driven Snow Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Everyone’s born as clean as a whistle
As fresh as a daisy and not a bit crazy
Staying that way is a hard row for hoeing
As rough as a briar, like walkin’ through fire

This world, it’s dark, this world, it’s scary
I’ve taken some hits so no wonder I’m wary
It’s why I need you
You’re as pure as the driven snow

[Verse 2]
Everyone wants to be like a hero
The cake with the cream or the doer not dreamer
Well, doing’s hard work, but it takes some to change things
Like goat’s milk to butter, like ice blocks to water

This world goes blind when children are dying
I turn into dust, but you nеver stop trying
It’s why I love you
You’re purе as the driven snow

Cold and clean
Swirling over my skin
You cloak me
You soak right in down to my heart

[Verse 3]
Everyone thinks they know all about me
They slap me with labels and spit out their fables
You came along and you knew it was lyin’
You saw the ideal me and, yes, that’s the real me

This world, it’s cruel with troubles aplenty
You asked for a reason, I’ve got three and twenty
For why I trust you
You’re pure as the driven snow

It’s why I trust you
You’re pure as the driven snow