Mick Jenkins – Sitting Ducks Lyrics Featuring Benny the Butcher

[Intro: Mick Jenkins]

[Verse 1: Mick Jenkins & Benny the Butcher]
Ayy, ain’t no stoppin’ me
I’m above can’t, we apostrophes
Seen all sides and all I see isosceles
Pyramid schemes and the atrocities they causin’, ain’t no pausin’
Ain’t enough gauze in the holes in your logic
The optics work like an oxtail and everything’s gravy, you crazy?
Roll up the flower, these niggas keep pushin’ up daisies
Pour out some cognac, I’m holdin’ the bottleneck lazy
Boiling back in my seat, black on my teeth
Activated charcoal poison, back in the streets
Acclimated, hardly just charged up
Batteries is aggravated, tell ’em they can’t spar with us
I seen the end, they don’t wanna start with us
It’ll cost them an arm and a leg
The other leg, the other arm, and his head
Margarine message, don’t gotta be butter, just as long as it spreads, ducks
They in the shallow water followin’ bread, the fuck?
I’m ‘cross the pond, jaywalkin’ an autobahn
I’m in the motherland tryna connect with my other fam’
Brother man, I don’t know no fake niggas
We don’t bury truth, I don’t know gravediggers
No chains, ain’t no slaves with us (Butcher comin’)
No propane, keep that flame with us

[Verse 2: Benny the Butcher]
Yeah, it’s big clip Butcher, ain’t no bargainin’ with the family
My hoes send each other nudes like Ari and Young Miami
I was rummagin’ through trash (Trash), now I’m runnin’ through this cash (Cash)
It got me peaceful, I be humming tunes while thumbin’ through a half (Hahaha)
You a snitch, don’t deserve to be safe
Don’t say a word, just make him prove that boy mine like a paternity case
I spent two bricks on this Rollie, woke up, and went jewelry shoppin’
In the house claustrophobic, surrounded by Louis boxes
Y’all jumped off the porch, but not me, I’m a scuba diver
So if I still can’t get my respect, I’ma shoot it out you
The corner room at Nobu, those the best reservations
Associates over friends ’cause it be less expectations
The fuck y’all niggas doin’ if y’all ain’t stackin’ that up?
‘Cause, by time my album drop, I’m gon’ be wrappin’ that up (Time ran out)
Me, I’m connected ’round the map like I’m Trump
I’m in red states trappin’ with a satellite on a Cadillac truck
And still feelin’ like a villain behind glasses
Chillin’, sippin’ Villa Antinori out of wine glasses, I win again
Tell the plug I need options, I’m picky, picky with the dope
And my bitches, I ain’t goin’ fifty-fifty with no ho