BabyTron – Stutter Flow Lyrics

(Enrgy made this one)

Lil’ d-d-dime bitch match the blick, this a ten milli’
How the? How the fuck you still ain’t seen a ten, silly?
Gave her d-d-d-d-dope dick, you’d think it’s fentyn’
When I, when I, when I say I got that toolie, ain’t no wrench with me
DSM, th-th-throw it up, I got a M with me
Still, still strugglin’ to pay it, got your rent with me
B-b-bitch ain’t never tried to help me stack it, but’ll spend with me
A-a-ask how much sauce is, like it depends, really
I can’t, I can’t even have you ’round if you won’t bend with me
Lil’ c-cuddy pull up, chop it up like watch him vent with me
Still, still ain’t seen a dub, I just know you can’t comprehend shit
And my wrist sick, this bit-, bitch need a check-up
You on some, you on some lil’ girl shit, you need to step up
I’ma call you m-m-m-m-mustard, man, you need to catch up
Rubber, rubber, rubber, rubber, rubber band and I can’t let up
Time to turn my flex up, make a d-d-dub and put a ten up
Pull up with that d-d-d-d-d-d, better keep your head up
Shit, damn, man, I, I think it’s time to turn your flex up
V-voom, v-voom, v-v-vroom, I just fucked the ‘Vette up
I forgot this, I forgot the whip wasn’t manual
He only, only win once a year, that shit annual
You could, you could switch teams, won’t matter, you ain’t valuable
You can’t, you can’t even tell I took the Drac’, I’m acting casual
Th-th-this my stutter flow, tap the button, watch it stutter, ho
B-b-bitch, you not sis, I ain’t finna play the brother role
F-f-flyin’ in a UF, UFO, this bitch in hover mode
G-g-geek streakin’, g-g-geek streakin’, spent the summer blowed
P-p-plug brought that bullshit, I asked him, « Where’s the other ‘bow? »
I’ll leave, leave him wide open, but he jumper broke
Mon-Moncler, Goosie, and the Dior puffer coat
Why, why they still hatin’? Like I really, really wonder, bro
Ice-ice-ice-ice cream diamonds look like Custard Co
All that play-playin’ with my pape’, this shit’ll get the buster bust
I got play-plays to make, ask the bitch is we gon’ fuck or what?
I-I got plays to make, I asked is she gon’ suck or what?
I-I got plays to make, I asked is she gon’ cum or what?
L-l-li, l-l-life short, is you havin’ fun or what?
We, we’ll turn your zone into a war, you got your gun or what?
Do-do you got enough for another run or what?
Doo, doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo, I got that fucker tucked
R-r-rolled up the pantry in my ‘Wood, this a Gushers blunt
Do you? Do you? Do you got a dub or what?
Do you? Do you? Do you got a plug or what?
A-ask the drank man like, « Do you got some mud or what? »
A-ask the Zotti man like, « You got bud or what? Crud or what? »
Uh-uh, uh-uh, I’m headed up and up
You a, you a d-d-dumb-dumb out here trustin’ sluts
Bitch, you better bundle up
J-j-juice man like OJ, you think that one cup’s enough?
A-a-asked the bitch like, « You think that one nut’s enough? »
C-c-cops askin’ if I know somethin’, it wasn’t us or nothin’
I got-, I got Alzheimer’s, I don’t really remember
I’m on p-p-pace for eight figures, make two-fifty December
Glick, glick glitchin’, shootin’ two switchies together

Sh-Sh-Shitty Boyz, D-D-Dog Shit Militia