Suelen’s Supplication Lyrics - Flame — Paroles de Chansons


Lord God, although this year has been so hard: so much fear, so much uncertainty, so much happening in the world, I ask you to help us remember what you did for us, sending Your Son as the hope of humanity. Even with everything we are experiencing at the moment, we know that Christ is our hope. God, I ask you to be our provider; just as You sent Your Son through the Virgin Mary, to pay the price for our sins, providing for our spiritual need, to be reconciled to You again; that in the same way you be the provider of our daily needs. You are the one who feeds the birds in the sky, You clothe the grass of the field, may we have the confidence that you are taking care of us and that You are in control of everything. 2020 is indeed a difficult year Lord, but the truth is, there is no hardship that can separate us from Your love. May we stand firm in Your infinite love, and in the hope that there is in Christ Jesus, Amen