Sun Seeker Lyrics - Another Sky — Paroles de Chansons


[Verse 1]
The sun comes up and colors the town
In a light it fights against, to tear itself down
How strong I stand in your hurricane
How you pull me in, how I turn away

I take the world in my hands
Same secret life to catch it back
You caught me broken, you were wrong
A bird in your cage, put my white feathers on

[Verse 2]
The sun comes up, a burning shipwreck
With the heat of her cloak on her against my neck
My blood already framed, but I know who won
I say who I am and I say when I’m done

I take my world from your hands
Same secret life, I won’t give it back
The bird in the night, my feathеr’s black

A burning shipwreck
A burning shipwreck
A burning shipwreck
A turning shipwrеck
A turning shipwreck

The sun comes up, and colors my town
In a light I fight against, to tear it all down