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BILL WURTZ: Got my ticket, I got my ticket, I got my ticket, I got my ticket, I got my ticket
BILL WURTZ: Does this plane go off the ground?
CHECK-IN: Yes it does
CHECK-IN: Maybe you’d like to try one of our ground planes
BILL WURTZ: Is that a plane that stays on the ground?
CHECK-IN: Yes it is

[Verse 1]
On the ground plane
When the plane gets too high, I don’t like it
Bring me down plane
When nothin’ goes my way
I’ll turn around and go back to the ground plane
Mmm, umf

[Verse 2]
Bring me down, pick me up
I’m comfortable on the ground
Pack’d my bags, there’s nothing in my bags
And I’ve cleared my schedule
For the ups and downs up ahead
The horizon is smooth, shiny and clear
And my destination is over there
And we’ll get there like this
Without going any higher than the pilgrims did

[Verse 3]
I’m happy
Throw me a challenge
Make it unsolvable
I’ll have it worked out
And set settled and sorted out by the morning
The happy plane is here
The happy train is here
Jan, Feb, April and June, I’ll be happy all year
These are happy lyrics

On the ground plane
In my ground brain, I’m saved



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