Track X Lyrics - Black Country, New Road — Paroles de Chansons


[Verse 1]
You’ve got great hips
I’ve been shaking ever since
You told me “No love would live in this house”
Turned out the inside inside out
I tried my best to stay afloat
After I sacrificed a goat
In your name, in the same room where we fucked as kids
With Abraham and Isaac and all of my greatest hits

And I guess, in some way

[Verse 2]
Dancing to Jerskin, I got down on my knees
I told you I loved you in front of black midi
I told my friend Jack that it could’ve been you
I know it was funny, but I was struggling too
I left my drink on the eighteenth floor
Thought about jumping in your face when you saw
I thought of my father and proving him wrong
But mostly Mollie and Dylan, and my mum

And I guess, in some way