Endless blocks
Endless blocks
Headless touch
Night so soft
I can’t get enough
Graceful fall
Watch me be crushed against the rocks
Gravity dawns
Like the doubt that I ever was

[Verse 1]
High born, 9 Lord, this not even my final form
Walk a mile in my shoes, try it on
Through the trials and tribulations, we still going on
I forgave you, the past it is by gone
Make a list of the missed, it’s a mile long
Tryna deal with the feels but they pile on
Energy is a wave you can ride on
Venomous is the lust, python
Tryna see what I need, leave the light on
If it bleeds then it’s real is what I’m on
If it bleeds thеn it’s real, that’s what I’m on
Throw the signs in the air for thе icon

Testing, testing, testing, testing
Trashing, trashing, trashing, crushing
Passion, passion, trashing, trash go flying
Passing, passing, testing, seeking

[Verse 2]
Hateful thoughts
Nature’s laws
Perfect flaws
In a way we’re the only ones
Clenching jaws
Frost won’t thaw
Painful parts
Find a way to be funnier

Testing, Testing